Dear Readers

February 15, 2015

Dear Readers,

The Bedlam & Chaos Review started as student project during my studies at Towson University. Since I’ve been getting a few views and comments recently, I’m dusting off this blog and giving it some much needed attention.

I’m also modifying the scope and direction of the blog to stick more closely to commentary on news, media, and culture.

I still might include an essay or two that I write for a professor, but my primary intent is to speak in my blog voice about topics we encounter via modern media.

I’m nearing the end of my time at Towson University, and I feel it is time to break free and explore the world on my own terms.

Please feel free to comment and even disagree with me. I promise to limit moderation in the discussion section to a bare minimum.

You can be as harsh with me as you wish, but I do ask that you be polite to each other in the comments section.

On the off chance that I do get a following in here, I guess that I’ll have to establish a clear code of conduct, but for now that is all the guidance I’m giving you.

I hope you’ll enjoy my thoughts and voice as I continue to develop The Bedlam & Chaos Review.

Warm Regards,

D. Chris Draughn


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